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WSA Travel players are committed to the following tournaments for 2017/18:

(*all fees are included in the annual tuition)

Tournament registration for all teams has been completed by WSA.  


FALL 2017


SEPTEMBER 2017:  LABOR DAY WKEND (U9 & U10 teams only):

FUSA Fast Labor Day Tournament in Fairfield. This tournament gives our youngest players (U9 & U10 teams) their first experience to play together as a team prior to the season beginning.  

Girls play Sat, 9/02 

Boys play Sun, 9/03 Fast


OCTOBER 2018:  COLUMBUS DAY WKEND (All U9 – U15 teams): 

Bethel Columbus Day Tournament in Bethel or the CT Rush Tournament in Wilton. Bethel CT Rush




MARCH 2018:  WIN Tournament (All U9 – U18 teams): 

The Westport Invitational Soccer tournament is now going into its 38th year. The WIN tournament will be on March 17th & 18th, 2017 at Stapels High School, indoor & outdoor.   

BOYS on Sat 3/17 & GIRLS on Sun 3/18.   U9-U11 will play indoors and U12 and up will play outdoors(*Fees for this tournament are included in the annual tuition, however managers will collect a small contribution from each player that will go towards a team ad in the tournament directory.)  All proceeds benefit The Coleman Brothers Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports soccer players and others actively involved in youth soccer programs, who demonstrate a meaningful commitment to sportsmanship, leadership and integrity on and off the field.


APRIL 2018:  Glastonbury Hartwell Tournament (All U9 – U15 teams): 

This is the last tournament of the year and takes place in Glastonbury in late April over 2 days, Sat & Sun.



Optionally, certain teams will be selected to play in the Lincoln Page Memorial Day Tournament. This will be at an additional cost to the team should the team be selected to attend this tournament.


For any questions please contact the Travel Tournament Director,

Duane Berkey: