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An email was sent out on Wed, June 20, 2018 around 9 PM to all players who tried out and declared an interest in joining a travel team. If you did not receive an email, please contact wsaregistrar2@gmail.com    See list of players below who have been offered a roster position.

Everyone offered a position must ACCEPT or DECLINE the offer by clicking on the special links sent with their congratulations email. 

Those not offered a position have been placed on a waitlist and will be contacted by WSA should a position become avaialble.  Please consider registering for our Rec program (registration to open July 15th on the WSA site.  

JULY 1st is the deadline to pay online & submit required player documents ($75 late fee thereafter).
Required player documents & instructions, Click HERE


Registration Questions:  Kathleen/ wsaregistrar2@gmail.com 



Roster Placement inquiries deadline July 8th. 

U9-U10:  Allan Zuniga: azngsoccer@sbcglobal.net

U11-U15:  Gabe Stan: gjrapid@aol.com 





(As of 8:30pm 6/20/18)

Last Name First Name Team Name
Ahern Addison U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls White
Ahern John U11>U11 2008 Boys Blue
Albanese Andre U12>U12 2007 Boys Blue
Alfageme Isabel U12>U12 2007 Girls White
Alfageme Santiago U15>U15 2004-05 Boys Red 
Allen Zachary U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys White
Alpert Zoe U12>U12 2007 Girls Blue
Anglin Jaeon U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys Blue
Anglin Jenelle U11>U11 2008 Girls White
Anvari Evelyn U15>U15 2004-05 Girls Blue 
Appel Riley U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Red
Arbisman Oren U10>U10 2009 Boys Red
Asiel Emma U11>U11 2008 Girls Blue
Astolfi Carolina U10>U10 2009 Girls White
Bailey Gus U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Gold
Baltierra Isabella U12>U12 2007 Girls Blue
Barbuto Christian U12>U12 2007 Boys Gold 
Barrett Cora U10>U10 2009 Girls Blue
Bassler Mattias U12>U12 2007 Boys White
Beebe Zachary U12>U12 2007 Boys Red 
Belzer Zachary U13>U13 2006 Boys White
Benner Jackson U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys White
Benner Juliet U12>U12 2007 Girls Blue
Benton Cameron U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys White
Benton Rory U11>U11 2008 Boys White
Benton Tristan U11>U11 2008 Boys White
Berk Madelyn U15>U15 2004-05 Girls Blue 
Best Keira U13>U13 2006 Girls Blue
Best Maeve U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Red
Bettegowda Sahana U12>U12 2007 Girls Blue
Blackshaw Hurley Wilfred U12>U12 2007 Boys Blue
Blanco Griffin U11>U11 2008 Boys White
Blanco James U13>U13 2006 Boys White
Blatt Jayden U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Blue
Bomback Jonah U10>U10 2009 Boys Blue
Borner Ashley U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Gold
Bory Evelyn U11>U11 2008 Girls Blue
Bowman Charlie U12>U12 2007 Boys White
Bozeman Grant U10>U10 2009 Boys White
Brannigan Seamus U11>U11 2008 Boys Red
Brennan Kiersten U13>U13 2006 Girls Blue
Brennan Luke U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys Blue
Brennan Michael U11>U11 2008 Boys Blue
Brennan Patrick U10>U10 2009 Boys White
Briggs William U11>U11 2008 Boys Blue
Brody Zachary U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys White
Brookbanks Charlotte U10>U10 2009 Girls Red 
Bukzin Matthew U15>U15 2004-05 Boys Red 
Burns Dylan U15>U15 2004-05 Boys Red 
Burns Jason U12>U12 2007 Boys Red 
Cahill Charlie U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Silver 
Calger Griffin U11>U11 2008 Boys Red
Cammeyer Chase U11>U11 2008 Boys Blue
Cammeyer Spencer U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Blue
Caniato Luca U12>U12 2007 Boys White
Carpi Adriano U11>U11 2008 Boys Blue
Caruso Luca U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys Blue
Caruso Matteo U12>U12 2007 Boys Red 
Cauley Grace U15>U15 2004-05 Girls Blue 
Ceballos-Cala Lucas U12>U12 2007 Boys Red 
Ceballos-Cala Martin U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Silver 
Ceman Cayenne U11>U11 2008 Girls Blue
Coffey Ainsley U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls White
Cofsky Logan U12>U12 2007 Boys Red 
Cohen Kaela U12>U12 2007 Girls White
Coman Katie U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls White
Cooney Driscoll Sheila U13>U13 2006 Girls White 
Cooper Luke U11>U11 2008 Boys White
Corneck Brendan U15>U15 2004-05 Boys Red 
Corridon Matthew U10>U10 2009 Boys Red
Costello Jonathan U13>U13 2006 Boys White
Coughlin Addison U12>U12 2007 Girls White
Couloures Stefan U12>U12 2007 Boys Red 
Covaci Theodore U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Red
Coykendall Kate U11>U11 2008 Girls White
Crandall Gwen U10>U10 2009 Girls White
Cruz Sebastian U12>U12 2007 Boys White
Cuddy Eoin U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys Blue
Cukier Benjamin U12>U12 2007 Boys Blue
Dalamagas Alexandra U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Gold
Davis Jake U13>U13 2006 Boys White
Daw William U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Red
De swart Annabel U13>U13 2006 Girls White 
Decaprio Jayce U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys White
Deitch Joshua U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys Blue
Delman Matthew U13>U13 2006 Boys White
Delman Zachary U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Blue
Delorier Miles U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys White
Dembin Raquel U13>U13 2006 Girls White 
Derakhshan Spencer U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Red
Dewitt Blake U10>U10 2009 Girls White
Dias Marco U11>U11 2008 Boys Red
Dias Mathias U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys Blue
DiGiovanni Millie U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Gold
DiGiovanni Samuel U11>U11 2008 Boys White
DiMiceli Julia U13>U13 2006 Girls White 
Divino Brian U12>U12 2007 Boys Gold 
Dolan Evelyn U12>U12 2007 Girls Blue
Dorfman Kylie U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Gold
Dottori Paul U12>U12 2007 Boys Red 
Duque Alexandra U12>U12 2007 Girls Blue
East Jack U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys White
Edwards Finn U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Blue
Eisenberger Daphne U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Red
Eisenberger Elise U13>U13 2006 Girls White 
Eisenberger Penelope U12>U12 2007 Girls Blue
Elizondo Sebastian U10>U10 2009 Boys Blue
Endich Chloe U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Gold
Even Jared U13>U13 2006 Boys White
Fajardo David U13>U13 2006 Boys Blue
Fallquist Hayley U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Blue
Fallquist Zachary U11>U11 2008 Boys Blue
Federman Rio U12>U12 2007 Girls White
Feldman Levi U10>U10 2009 Boys White
Felleman Charlotte U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls White
Feuerstadt Evan U10>U10 2009 Boys Red
Fidalgo Schioppa Santiago U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Blue
Fielding Leo U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys Blue
Fischel Gabriella U12>U12 2007 Girls White
Fischer Lucy U12>U12 2007 Girls Blue
Fischer William U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Silver 
Fisher James U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys White
Fitzgerald Jack U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Blue
Flaherty Ryder U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Gold
Fleming Matthew U15>U15 2004-05 Boys Red 
Floto Alexandra U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Red
Fontana Kathryn U11>U11 2008 Girls Blue
Fontana Kennedy U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Red
Ford Lillian U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Gold
Fording Daisy U13>U13 2006 Girls Blue
Foster Marguerite U13>U13 2006 Girls Blue
Foushee Henry U13>U13 2006 Boys White
Foushee Riley U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys White
Frank Katharine U13>U13 2006 Girls White 
Frankel Rikki U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Blue
Frey Beckett U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Silver 
Frey Hayden U13>U13 2006 Boys Blue
Fridland Nathaniel U13>U13 2006 Boys Blue
Fridman Naomi U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Blue
Galin Elliot U12>U12 2007 Boys Blue
Galley Test Child U13>U13 2006 Boys Blue
Garfield Julian U11>U11 2008 Boys Red
Gay Carter U15>U15 2004-05 Boys Red 
Gillman Zachary U11>U11 2008 Boys White
Girling Spencer U11>U11 2008 Boys White
Gold Vanessa U15>U15 2004-05 Girls Blue 
Goldfarb Owen U11>U11 2008 Boys Blue
Goodman Charles U11>U11 2008 Boys Red
Gordon Alexandra U13>U13 2006 Girls Blue
Gordon Cari U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Blue
Gordon Ethan U13>U13 2006 Boys Blue
Gordon Maya U11>U11 2008 Girls White
Gordon Romy U11>U11 2008 Girls White
Gorin Tyler U10>U10 2009 Boys Blue
Gottlieb Zachary U13>U13 2006 Boys White
Gravelle Gavin U12>U12 2007 Boys Red 
Gray Madeline U10>U10 2009 Girls Red 
Green Henry U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Blue
Green Owen U11>U11 2008 Boys White
Greenberger Carly U13>U13 2006 Girls Blue
Greenspan Eliza U11>U11 2008 Girls Blue
Greenspan Jonathan U11>U11 2008 Boys Red
Grimm Isabella U10>U10 2009 Girls White
Gubitz Maia U13>U13 2006 Girls White 
Gullans Riely U12>U12 2007 Girls Blue
Gyselen Sutton U11>U11 2008 Girls White
Haazen Ava U13>U13 2006 Girls White 
Halky Justin U11>U11 2008 Boys Blue
Halky Kiera U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls White
Harbottle Tristan U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys Blue
Harvey Ava U15>U15 2004-05 Girls Blue 
Harvey Blake U10>U10 2009 Girls Red 
Harvey Freya U12>U12 2007 Girls Blue
Haug Felix U13>U13 2006 Boys Blue
Healy Christopher U10>U10 2009 Boys Red
Heidtmann Dorothy U15>U15 2004-05 Girls Blue 
Hellmann Dylan U13>U13 2006 Boys White
Hendley Andie U10>U10 2009 Girls Blue
Hill Aiden U11>U11 2008 Boys White
Hill Daniella U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Red
Hill Drew U11>U11 2008 Boys Blue
Hill Lucy U10>U10 2009 Girls Red 
Hill Max U11>U11 2008 Boys White
Hinson Thea U12>U12 2007 Girls White
Hogan Aran U10>U10 2009 Boys White
Hogan Fionn U12>U12 2007 Boys Red 
Hordon Nathaniel U12>U12 2007 Boys Red 
Hudonogov Foster Amelia U11>U11 2008 Girls White
Hudonogov Foster Oliver U11>U11 2008 Boys Red
Iannucci Andrew U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Gold
Inglese John U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys Blue
Jacob Jack U11>U11 2008 Boys White
Jaffe Jack U12>U12 2007 Boys Gold 
Jandora Charlotte U13>U13 2006 Girls White 
Jandora Declan U11>U11 2008 Boys Red
Johnson Grady U10>U10 2009 Boys Red
Jones Nina U13>U13 2006 Girls Blue
Jordan Chloe U11>U11 2008 Girls Blue
Jordan Joshua U13>U13 2006 Boys Blue
Julien Ashley U15>U15 2004-05 Girls Blue 
Kapadia Surali U11>U11 2008 Girls White
Kasabian Olivia U15>U15 2004-05 Girls Blue 
Katz Jordan U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys White
Katz Noa U10>U10 2009 Girls Blue
Katzner Ethan U10>U10 2009 Boys Blue
Katzner Sadie U11>U11 2008 Girls Blue
Kennedy Aideen U12>U12 2007 Girls White
Kennedy Ciaran U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Blue
Kennedy Kaila U15>U15 2004-05 Girls Blue 
Keusch Jordan U12>U12 2007 Boys White
Kickham Robert U12>U12 2007 Boys Red 
Kirt Gemma U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Red
Klein Elliot U15>U15 2004-05 Boys Red 
Klein Lucas U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Blue
Klein Tyler U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys White
Kline Addison U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Gold
Kline Halliwell U10>U10 2009 Girls Blue
Kline Jaron U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys White
Klopfer Peter U10>U10 2009 Boys White
Knesich Kali U13>U13 2006 Girls Blue
Knesich Paige U11>U11 2008 Girls White
Kocadag Tyler U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys Blue
Kosakowski Scott U15>U15 2004-05 Boys Red 
Kovics Alexander U10>U10 2009 Boys White
Kovics Olivia U13>U13 2006 Girls Blue
LaClair Boden U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Silver 
LaClair Tessa U13>U13 2006 Girls White 
LaForce Holden U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Blue
Lambert Olivia U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Gold
Lan Jade U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Red
Landgraf Chase U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Silver 
Landgraf Cole U10>U10 2009 Boys Blue
Langone Karsten U12>U12 2007 Boys White
Langone Lachlan U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys White
Larit Katie U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Blue
Laskin Alexander U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys Blue
Lavergne Atticus U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Silver 
Lazar Leo U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Gold
Lazar Olivia U10>U10 2009 Girls Blue
Lebowitz Dylan U12>U12 2007 Girls Blue
Lebrija Alexander U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Gold
Lee Alyssa U13>U13 2006 Girls White 
Leon Derin U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Red
Lewertoff Josephine U11>U11 2008 Girls White
Lieberman Bryn U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls White
Little Ryan U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Gold
Lobsenz Abraham U12>U12 2007 Boys White
Lobsenz Henry U12>U12 2007 Boys White
Lopatin Quinn U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Red
Lopatin Tyler U11>U11 2008 Boys Red
Lundberg Beatrice U11>U11 2008 Girls White
Lundberg Rosie U13>U13 2006 Girls White 
Lynch Archie U13>U13 2006 Boys Blue
Lynch Oliver U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Gold
Lyon Harleaux U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Red
Manchester Ella U11>U11 2008 Girls Blue
Mancusi-Ungaro Trey U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Red
Mandel Skylar U10>U10 2009 Girls White
Mann Zoe U13>U13 2006 Girls Blue
Marcus Joshua U12>U12 2007 Boys Blue
Marcus Ryan U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Red
Marmelo Lucas U11>U11 2008 Boys Red
Marshall Jackson U13>U13 2006 Boys White
Martino Beckham U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys White
Martino Joseph U12>U12 2007 Boys Gold 
Martino Matthew U12>U12 2007 Boys Gold 
Martire Caitlin U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls White
Mascera Noelle U10>U10 2009 Girls White
Matra Angelina U13>U13 2006 Girls Blue
Matviyenko Katherine U12>U12 2007 Girls White
Maurillo Nathaniel U11>U11 2008 Boys White
McColl Jack U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys White
McCullough Callie U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Blue
McCullough John U12>U12 2007 Boys White
McGeehan Jake U11>U11 2008 Boys Blue
McGrath Ryan U10>U10 2009 Girls Blue
McGuinn Luke U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Silver 
McGuinn Maya U10>U10 2009 Girls White
McLean Callum U12>U12 2007 Boys Gold 
McMahon Madeleine U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Gold
Menninger Bridget U12>U12 2007 Girls Blue
Mermagen Felix U11>U11 2008 Boys Red
Mermagen Neva U13>U13 2006 Girls Blue
Miles-Prouten Parker U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Red
Mittal Avni U12>U12 2007 Girls White
Molinari Max U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Silver 
Moneyhon Darwin James U10>U10 2009 Boys Blue
Moneyhon Luke U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys White
Monnerat Benjamin U10>U10 2009 Boys Red
Monnerat Joaquim U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys White
Montresoro Alessandro U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys White
Morris Alannah U13>U13 2006 Girls White 
Morris Bryn U10>U10 2009 Girls Blue
Morris Cillian U12>U12 2007 Boys Red 
Morris Lochlan U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Gold
Mulhern Meredith U15>U15 2004-05 Girls Blue 
Mulvey Neave U11>U11 2008 Girls Blue
Murphy Alexandra U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Red
Murtagh Cass U10>U10 2009 Boys White
Nealon Michael U15>U15 2004-05 Boys Red 
Nelson Peter U10>U10 2009 Boys Blue
Nelson Phoebe U15>U15 2004-05 Girls Blue 
Neumyer Payton U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Blue
Nevstad Levi U12>U12 2007 Boys Blue
Noorily Mack U12>U12 2007 Boys White
Noorily Ryland U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys White
Oppenheimer Andrew U12>U12 2007 Boys Blue
Oren Oliver U12>U12 2007 Boys Blue
Ormsby Jack U12>U12 2007 Boys Gold 
Palaia Maria U10>U10 2009 Girls Red 
Pallai Hunter U11>U11 2008 Boys White
Pallai Jack U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys White
Parente Caroline U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls White
Perry Ethen U12>U12 2007 Boys Gold 
Petrosino Anna U11>U11 2008 Girls Blue
Petrosino Connor U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Red
Pirkl Samuel U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys Blue
Pleiter Danielle U10>U10 2009 Girls Blue
Podziba Alexa U12>U12 2007 Girls White
Podziba Ashley U13>U13 2006 Girls Blue
Potack Owen U11>U11 2008 Boys Blue
Pretty Thomas U10>U10 2009 Boys White
Qi Dylan U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys White
Quinn Bray U10>U10 2009 Girls Red 
R. af Geijerstam Cedrik U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys White
Raveis Conor U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Silver 
Raveis Dane U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Gold
Reddy Krishna U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys Blue
Rein Reese U12>U12 2007 Girls White
Renedo Miguel U13>U13 2006 Boys White
Richer Noah U11>U11 2008 Boys Blue
Rizza Toni U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Gold
Roberts Michael U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Red
Root Perrin U12>U12 2007 Boys Blue
Root Shea U10>U10 2009 Girls White
Rosenberg Jaxon U11>U11 2008 Boys Red
Ross Mickey U11>U11 2008 Boys White
Rossoni Noah U10>U10 2009 Boys Blue
Rotem Gideon U15>U15 2004-05 Boys Red 
Rownin Charlotte U10>U10 2009 Girls Red 
Rownin Max U13>U13 2006 Boys White
Rubinchik Eli U12>U12 2007 Boys Gold 
Rudin Daniel U13>U13 2006 Boys Blue
Saed Noah U12>U12 2007 Boys White
Samuel Oliver U11>U11 2008 Boys Blue
Sandhaus Claire U15>U15 2004-05 Girls Blue 
Schachter Rebecca U11>U11 2007 Girls White
Schaefer Tristan U12>U12 2007 Boys White
Scherer Dixon U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys Blue
Scherer Ford U11>U11 2008 Boys Red
Schiavone Matthew U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Gold
Schiavone Olivia U10>U10 2009 Girls Blue
Schindler Nicholas U13>U13 2006 Boys White
Schlegelmilch Dutch U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Blue
Schonberg Hannah U13>U13 2006 Girls White 
Schonberg Justin U13>U13 2006 Boys Blue
Schuster Ryan U13>U13 2006 Boys Blue
Schwartz Jack U12>U12 2007 Boys Blue
Schwartz Max U15>U15 2004-05 Boys Red 
Schwartz Sienna U10>U10 2009 Girls Blue
Scott Charles U13>U13 2006 Boys Blue
Scott Thomas U10>U10 2009 Boys Blue
Selig Zachary U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Blue
Seltzer Rei U11>U11 2008 Boys Red
Sheefel Alexander U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Silver 
Shein Tobey U13>U13 2006 Boys Blue
Sherman Sadie U10>U10 2009 Girls Red 
Shiel Emily U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls White
Shields Theodore U15>U15 2004-05 Boys Red 
Sikorski Nicholas U13>U13 2006 Boys Blue
Silverman Claire U10>U10 2009 Girls Red 
Siroka Preston U13>U13 2006 Boys White
Skatoff Arthur U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys White
Sklar Ryder U10>U10 2009 Boys White
Smith Chloe U10>U10 2009 Girls Blue
Smith Hunter U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys White
Sod Alexander U12>U12 2007 Boys Gold 
Soni Annika U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls White
Spayne Joseph U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys White
Spellacy Aidan U12>U12 2007 Boys Blue
St. Andre Stella U12>U12 2007 Girls White
Stauder William U12>U12 2007 Boys Gold 
Stephan Liam U10>U10 2009 Boys Red
Sternberg Nicole U15>U15 2004-05 Girls Blue 
Stickley Everett U15>U15 2004-05 Boys Red 
Stoler Jack U13>U13 2006 Boys Blue
Stollenwerck Walker U10>U10 2009 Boys Red
Stretton Colin U12>U12 2007 Boys White
Stretton Kyle U15>U15 2004-05 Boys Red 
Stubbs Aidan U12>U12 2007 Boys Red 
Sunderland Jr Jason U12>U12 2007 Boys Gold 
Sunjka Ryan U13>U13 2006 Boys Blue
Svartz Gustav U13>U13 2006 Boys White
Szostak Eli U12>U12 2007 Boys Gold 
Tait Chloe U11>U11 2008 Girls Blue
Talbott Addison U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Blue
Tansley Violet U12>U12 2007 Girls White
Tarshis Ruby U15>U15 2004-05 Girls Blue 
Tarsy Amelia U13>U13 2006 Girls Blue
Teplica Whitman U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys Blue
Teran Nashaly U12>U12 2007 Girls Blue
Thiel Filip U15>U15 2004-05 Boys Red 
Thiel Julian U15>U15 2004-05 Boys Red 
Tirola Cooper U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys White
Tobin Stella U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls White
Toeplitz Avery U11>U11 2008 Girls White
Tomoda Kira U13>U13 2006 Girls Blue
Tracey Jackson U12>U12 2007 Boys Blue
Tracey Jaden U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Gold
Tretow Vilgot U13>U13 2006 Boys White
Triscari Nicolas U10>U10 2009 Boys Red
Trivino Gabriel U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys White
Turner Micah U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Red
Van Aken Alexa U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Blue
Varnas Jonas U15>U15 2004-05 Boys Red 
Varsov Aaron U12>U12 2007 Boys Blue
Vegas Elisa U12>U12 2007 Girls White
Veloso Liliana U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Gold
vonDohlen Sarah U11>U11 2008 Girls Blue
Waldman Jaden U10>U10 2009 Boys Blue
Wallitt Brooke U10>U10 2009 Girls Red 
Walters Nolan U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys White
Weitz Kate U12>U12 2007 Girls Blue
Weitz Samantha U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Blue
Weyer David U13>U13 2006 Boys White
Wilcox Nyala U10>U10 2009 Girls White
Williams Flora U13>U13 2006 Girls White 
Willis Samuel U15>U15 2004-2005 Boys Blue
Wolff Alexa U10>U10 2009 Girls White
Wolff Noah U13>U13 2006 Boys Blue
Wyatt Leina U13>U13 2006 Girls Blue
Xu Andrew U10>U10 2009 Boys Red
Zemel Sabrina U10>U10 2009 Girls Red 
Zev Eli U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Gold
Zhu Emmy U09>U09 2010-2011 Girls Red
Zwick Ian U09>U09 2010-2011 Boys Red