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An email was sent out on Thurs, June 22, 2017 around 5 PM to all players who tried out and declared an interest in joining a travel team. If you did not receive an email, please contact wsaregistrar2@gmail.com    See list of players below who have been offered a roster position.

Everyone offered a position must ACCEPT or DECLINE the offer by clicking on the special links sent with their congratulations email. 

Those not offered a position, please consider registering for our Rec program which will open July 1st.  Go to the WSA site homepage for more info. 

Each tryout player who received a congratulations email needs to do the following by July 1st: 

1. CONFIRM their accept or decline online by clicking on the proper link within their congratulations email sent on June 22nd. 
2. Pay the first installment by July 1st midnight 
(go to www.westportsoccer.org > Home page > lower left corner > edit my account)

3. Submit registration documents by July 1st to: wsaregistrar2@gmail.com

For documents, CLICK HERE


Players who were offered a roster position in the 2017-18 season are listed below:

(As of 3:18pm 6/22/17)


Last Name First Name Team Name
Ahern Addison U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Red
Ahern John U10>U10 2008 Boys Blue
Albanese Andre U11>U11 2007 Boys Blue
Alfageme Santiago U13>U13 2005 Boys White
Allen Zachary U13>U13 2005 Boys White
Almonte Cameron U13>U13 2005 Boys White
Alpert Zoe U11>U11 2007 Girls Blue
Ambrifi Noah U13>U13 2005 Boys Blue
Anglin Jaeon U13>U13 2005 Boys Blue
Anvari Evelyn U13>U13 2005 Girls Blue
Arbisman Oren U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Gold
Asiel Emma U10>U10 2008 Girls White
Avdiu Zahra U10>U10 2008 Girls Blue
Baltierra Isabella U11>U11 2007 Girls White
Baltierra Theophile U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Barbuto Christian U11>U11 2007 Boys Gold 
Barnes Chloe U11>U11 2007 Girls Blue
Barney Lucy U11>U11 2007 Girls White
Barrett Cora U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls White
Bassler Mattias U11>U11 2007 Boys White
Beebe Zachary U11>U11 2007 Boys Gold 
Belzer Zachary U12>U12 2006 Boys Red 
Benner Jackson U13>U13 2005 Boys White
Benner Juliet U11>U11 2007 Girls Blue
Benton Rory U10>U10 2008 Boys Red
Benton Tristan U10>U10 2008 Boys Red
Berk Madelyn U13>U13 2005 Girls Blue
Berkey Nicholas U11>U11 2007 Boys Blue
Best Keira U12>U12 2006 Girls Blue
Bettegowda Sahana U11>U11 2007 Girls White
Bhatia Ayan U12>U12 2006 Boys Blue
Bhatia Esha U10>U10 2008 Girls White
Blanco Griffin U10>U10 2008 Boys Gold
Blatt Jayden U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Red
Blend Isabelle U13>U13 2005 Girls Blue
Blitzer Jack U12>U12 2006 Boys Blue
Blitzer William U10>U10 2008 Boys White
Bomback Jonah U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Blue
Booth Charlotte U10>U10 2008 Girls Blue
Booth Emma U13>U13 2005 Girls Blue
Bory Evelyn U10>U10 2008 Girls White
Boston Jack U12>U12 2006 Boys White
Boston Spencer U10>U10 2008 Boys White
Bowman Annie U10>U10 2008 Girls White
Bowman Charlie U11>U11 2007 Boys White
Bozeman Grant U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Gold
Bozeman Julianne U11>U11 2007 Girls Blue
Brannigan Seamus U10>U10 2008 Boys Gold
Brennan Kiersten U12>U12 2006 Girls Blue
Brennan Luke U13>U13 2005 Boys Blue
Brennan Michael U10>U10 2008 Boys Blue
Brennan Patrick U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Blue
Briggs William U10>U10 2008 Boys White
Brody Zachary U13>U13 2005 Boys White
Bukzin Matthew U13>U13 2005 Boys White
Calger Sophia U11>U11 2007 Girls Blue
Cammeyer Chase U10>U10 2008 Boys White
Cammeyer Spencer U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Red
Caney Riley U10>U10 2008 Girls White
Caniato Luca U11>U11 2007 Boys Gold 
Carpi Adriano U10>U10 2008 Boys Blue
Carpi Lucas U12>U12 2006 Boys Blue
Cauley Grace U13>U13 2005 Girls Blue
Ceballos-Cala Lucas U11>U11 2007 Boys Red
Ceman Cayenne U10>U10 2008 Girls White
Chinitz Gabriel U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
Church Brea U14>U14 2004 Girls Blue
Cirasuolo Catherine U10>U10 2008 Girls Blue
Clachko Samson U11>U11 2007 Boys Blue
Cofsky Logan U11>U11 2007 Boys Red
Cohn Olivia U10>U10 2008 Girls Blue
Coniglio Matthew U10>U10 2008 Boys Blue
Cooper Luke U10>U10 2008 Boys White
Corneck Brendan U13>U13 2005 Boys White
Corridon James U12>U12 2006 Boys Blue
Corridon Matthew U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Gold
Couloures Stefan U11>U11 2007 Boys Red
Coykendall Kate U10>U10 2008 Girls Red 
Cruz Sebastian U11>U11 2007 Boys Red
Cukier Benjamin U11>U11 2007 Boys Blue
Davis Jake U12>U12 2006 Boys White
Decaprio Gianni U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Decaprio Jayce U13>U13 2005 Boys White
Deitch Joshua U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
Delman Zachary U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys White
Dembin Raquel U12>U12 2006 Girls Red
Dewitt Blake U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls White
Dias Mathias U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
DiGiovanni Samuel U10>U10 2008 Boys White
DiMiceli Julia U12>U12 2006 Girls Red
Divino Brian U11>U11 2007 Boys Gold 
Dolan Evelyn U11>U11 2007 Girls Blue
Dolan Josephine U14>U14 2004 Girls Blue
Dornblaser Jack U12>U12 2006 Boys White
Dottori Paul U11>U11 2007 Boys Gold 
East John U13>U13 2005 Boys Blue
East Lulu U11>U11 2007 Girls White
Edwards Finn U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Red
Eisenberger Elise U12>U12 2006 Girls Red
Eisenberger Penelope U11>U11 2007 Girls White
Elizondo Sebastian U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys White
Engwert Fisher U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Blue
Epstein Loewe U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Blue
Escarlate Luca U12>U12 2006 Boys Blue
Even Jared U12>U12 2006 Boys Red 
Fajardo David U12>U12 2006 Boys White
Fallquist Zachary U10>U10 2008 Boys Blue
Feldman Levi U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Gold
Feuerstadt Evan U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Gold
Fielding Leo U13>U13 2005 Boys Blue
Fischel Gabriella U11>U11 2007 Girls White
Fischer Claire U14>U14 2004 Girls Blue
Fischer Lucy U11>U11 2007 Girls White
Fisher James U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Red
Fitch Charles U10>U10 2008 Boys White
Fording Daisy U12>U12 2006 Girls Blue
Foster Marguerite U12>U12 2006 Girls Blue
Foushee Henry U12>U12 2006 Boys Red 
Foushee Riley U13>U13 2005 Boys White
Frank Katharine U12>U12 2006 Girls Red
Frey Hayden U12>U12 2006 Boys White
Fridman Naomi U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Red
Galin Elliot U11>U11 2007 Boys Blue
Galley Brewster U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
Garfield Julian U10>U10 2008 Boys Gold
Gerrard Campbell U13>U13 2005 Boys Blue
Gillman Zachary U10>U10 2008 Boys Red
Girling Spencer U10>U10 2008 Boys White
Gold Vanessa U13>U13 2005 Girls Blue
Goldfarb Owen U10>U10 2008 Boys Blue
Goldman Sadie U14>U14 2004 Girls Blue
Goldshore Jake U12>U12 2006 Boys Blue
Gordon Cari U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls White
Gordon Ethan U12>U12 2006 Boys White
Gordon Maya U10>U10 2008 Girls Red 
Gordon Romy U10>U10 2008 Girls Red 
Gorin Tyler U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys White
Gorin Zachary U11>U11 2007 Boys Blue
Gorre Shreyas U11>U11 2007 Boys White
Gottlieb Zachary U12>U12 2006 Boys Red 
Graham Clinton U12>U12 2006 Boys Blue
Graham Georgia U14>U14 2004 Girls Blue
Green Henry U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys White
Green Owen U10>U10 2008 Boys Red
Greenberger Carly U12>U12 2006 Girls Blue
Greenberger Jacob U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
Greenspan Eliza U10>U10 2008 Girls White
Greenspan Jonathan U10>U10 2008 Boys Red
Grimm Isabella U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls White
Gubitz Anja U14>U14 2004 Girls Blue
Gubitz Maia U12>U12 2006 Girls Red
Guiduli Bruno U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
Haazen Ava U12>U12 2006 Girls Red
Haazen Jasper U10>U10 2008 Boys White
Halky Justin U10>U10 2008 Boys Blue
Hammarskjold Sophia U14>U14 2004 Girls Blue
Harbottle Tristan U13>U13 2005 Boys Blue
Harmon William U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Harrington Alex U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
Harrington Ella U11>U11 2007 Girls Blue
Harrington Kyle U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
Harrington Poppy U11>U11 2007 Girls Blue
Harvey Blake U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Red
Harvey Freya U11>U11 2007 Girls White
Haug Felix U12>U12 2006 Boys Red 
Healy Christopher U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Gold
Healy Megan U11>U11 2007 Girls Blue
Heidtmann Dorothy U13>U13 2005 Girls Blue
Hellmann Dylan U12>U12 2006 Boys Red 
Hellmann Gabriel U10>U10 2008 Boys Blue
Hendley Andie U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls White
Henske Samantha U11>U11 2007 Girls White
Hermus Alexandra U13>U13 2005 Girls Blue
Hess Lauren U14>U14 2004 Girls Blue
Heyer Austin U10>U10 2008 Boys Red
Heyer Samson U11>U11 2007 Boys White
Hill Aiden U10>U10 2008 Boys Gold
Hill Drew U10>U10 2008 Boys Blue
Hill Grant U12>U12 2006 Boys Blue
Hill Lucy U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Red
Hill Madeline U14>U14 2004 Girls Blue
Hill Max U10>U10 2008 Boys Gold
Hochhauser Jackson U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
Hoffman Josiah U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
Hogan Aran U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys White
Hogan Fionn U11>U11 2007 Boys Red
Holoubek-Sebok Victoria U14>U14 2004 Girls Blue
Hordon Nathaniel U11>U11 2007 Boys Gold 
Horton Will U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys White
Hurley Wilfred U11>U11 2007 Boys Red
Inglese John U13>U13 2005 Boys Blue
Jacob Jack U10>U10 2008 Boys Red
Jaffe Jack U11>U11 2007 Boys Gold 
Jandora Charlotte U12>U12 2006 Girls White
Jandora Declan U10>U10 2008 Boys Gold
Johnson Hailey U12>U12 2006 Girls Blue
Johnson Madeline U10>U10 2008 Girls Blue
Jones Nina U12>U12 2006 Girls White
Jordan Chloe U10>U10 2008 Girls White
Jordan Joshua U12>U12 2006 Boys Blue
Julien Ashley U13>U13 2005 Girls Blue
Kapadia Surali U10>U10 2008 Girls Red 
Kasabian Olivia U13>U13 2005 Girls Blue
Katz Jordan U13>U13 2005 Boys Blue
Katz Noa U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Blue
Katzner Ethan U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Blue
Katzner Sadie U10>U10 2008 Girls White
Kennedy Ciaran U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Blue
Kennedy Kaila U13>U13 2005 Girls Blue
Kessler Sophia U14>U14 2004 Girls Blue
Keusch Jordan U11>U11 2007 Boys White
Kickham Robert U11>U11 2007 Boys White
Klein Elliot U13>U13 2005 Boys White
Klein Lucas U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Red
Kline Halliwell U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Blue
Kline Jaron U13>U13 2005 Boys White
Klopfer Peter U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Gold
Knesich Kali U12>U12 2006 Girls Red
Kocadag George U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Kocadag Tyler U13>U13 2005 Boys Blue
Kosakowski Scott U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Kovics Alexander U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Red
Kovics Olivia U12>U12 2006 Girls White
Krenzer Alexis U11>U11 2007 Girls Blue
LaClair Tessa U12>U12 2006 Girls White
LaForce Holden U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys White
LaForce Sydney U10>U10 2008 Girls Blue
Landgraf Cole U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Blue
Langone Karsten U11>U11 2007 Boys White
Laskin Alexander U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
Latzman Laila U12>U12 2006 Girls Red
Lebowitz Dylan U11>U11 2007 Girls Blue
Lee Alyssa U12>U12 2006 Girls White
Leopold Samuel U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Levine Spencer U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
Lieberman Bryn U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Red
Lobsenz Abraham U11>U11 2007 Boys White
Lobsenz Henry U11>U11 2007 Boys Red
Logan Abigail U14>U14 2004 Girls Blue
Low Beatrice U12>U12 2006 Girls White
Lozano Martin U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Lozano Ricardo U13>U13 2005 Boys White
Lundberg Beatrice U10>U10 2008 Girls Red 
Lundberg Delaney Rose U12>U12 2006 Girls Red
Lunney Taylor U10>U10 2008 Girls Blue
Lynch Molly U13>U13 2005 Girls Blue
Manchester Ella U10>U10 2008 Girls Red 
Mandel Skylar U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls White
Mann Cameron U12>U12 2006 Boys White
Mann Zoe U12>U12 2006 Girls Blue
Marcus Joshua U11>U11 2007 Boys Blue
Marcus Ryan U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Red
Marmelo Lucas U10>U10 2008 Boys Gold
Marshall Jackson U12>U12 2006 Boys Red 
Martenson Isabella U12>U12 2006 Girls White
Martenson Max U12>U12 2006 Boys White
Martino Beckham U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Red
Martire Julianna U11>U11 2007 Girls Blue
Mascera Noelle U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls White
Matra Angelina U12>U12 2006 Girls White
Maurillo Max U12>U12 2006 Boys Blue
Maurillo Nathaniel U10>U10 2008 Boys Gold
McColl Jack U13>U13 2005 Boys Blue
McColl Joshua U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
McCormick Elise U12>U12 2006 Girls Red
McCullough Callie U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Blue
McCullough John U11>U11 2007 Boys Gold 
McDonald Hadley U12>U12 2006 Girls Blue
McElwain James U12>U12 2006 Boys Red 
McGeehan Jake U10>U10 2008 Boys Blue
McGrath Ryan U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Blue
McGuinn Maya U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls White
McLean Keira U10>U10 2008 Girls Red 
Mello Jaden U14>U14 2004 Girls Blue
Menninger Bridget U11>U11 2007 Girls White
Mermagen Aidan U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
Mermagen Neva U12>U12 2006 Girls Blue
Messenger Gabriella U14>U14 2004 Girls Blue
Moneyhon James U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Blue
Moneyhon Luke U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Red
Monnerat Benjamin U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Gold
Monnerat Joaquim U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Montresoro Alessandro U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Red
Montresoro Vittorio U12>U12 2006 Boys Red 
Moody Anna U13>U13 2005 Girls Blue
Moody Peter U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
Morris Alannah U12>U12 2006 Girls Red
Morris Bryn U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Blue
Morris Cillian U11>U11 2007 Boys Gold 
Moskowitz Ethan U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Moss Jordan U12>U12 2006 Girls Blue
Mulhern Meredith U14>U14 2004 Girls Blue
Mulvey Cormac U12>U12 2006 Boys Blue
Mulvey Neave U10>U10 2008 Girls White
Murphy Jack U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Murtagh Cass U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Gold
Nelson Jack U10>U10 2008 Boys Red
Nelson Kate U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Red
Nelson Lane U12>U12 2006 Girls White
Nelson Peter U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Blue
Nelson Phoebe U13>U13 2005 Girls Blue
Nevstad Levi U11>U11 2007 Boys Blue
Noorily Mack U11>U11 2007 Boys White
Noorily Ryland U13>U13 2005 Boys White
O'Loughlin Andrew U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
Oppenheimer Andrew U11>U11 2007 Boys Blue
Oren Oliver U11>U11 2007 Boys White
Ormsby Jack U11>U11 2007 Boys Gold 
Pallai Hunter U10>U10 2008 Boys Red
Parente Caroline U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls White
Pauliny Ludovit U11>U11 2007 Boys Red
Peck Sophia U12>U12 2006 Girls White
Pengue Meridan U14>U14 2004 Girls Blue
Penske Logan U10>U10 2008 Girls Red 
Perry Ethen U11>U11 2007 Boys Gold 
Petrosino Anna U10>U10 2008 Girls White
Phelps Katherine U12>U12 2006 Girls Red
Pirkl Samuel U13>U13 2005 Boys Blue
Pirkl Alexander U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Pleiter Danielle U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Blue
Podziba Alexa U11>U11 2007 Girls White
Podziba Ashley U12>U12 2006 Girls White
Potack Owen U10>U10 2008 Boys Blue
Prasad Ishan U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Pretty Thomas U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys White
Prior Nicholas U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Qi Dylan U13>U13 2005 Boys White
Raveis Charlotte U12>U12 2006 Girls Blue
Raveis Eleanor U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Blue
Reddy Krishna U13>U13 2005 Boys Blue
Rein Reese U11>U11 2007 Girls White
Renedo Miguel U12>U12 2006 Boys Red 
Richer Noah U10>U10 2008 Boys White
Roberts Isabella U14>U14 2004 Girls Blue
Robinson Alexis U10>U10 2008 Girls Red 
Root Perrin U11>U11 2007 Boys White
Rosenberg Jax U10>U10 2008 Boys Red
Rosenkranz Eli U12>U12 2006 Boys Blue
Rosenkranz Jeremy U12>U12 2006 Boys Blue
Rosier Jack U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Ross Mickey U10>U10 2008 Boys Red
Rossoni Noah U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys White
Rossoni Samuel U11>U11 2007 Boys Red
Rothman Piper U10>U10 2008 Girls Blue
Rownin Charlotte U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Red
Rownin Max U12>U12 2006 Boys Red 
Rudin Daniel U12>U12 2006 Boys White
Ryan-Herbert Andrew U11>U11 2007 Boys Red
Sachau Jamila U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Red
Saed Noah U11>U11 2007 Boys Red
Samuel Oliver U10>U10 2008 Boys White
Sanchez Jesse U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Sandhaus Claire U13>U13 2005 Girls Blue
Saraf Julian U10>U10 2008 Boys Gold
Schachter Rebecca U10>U10 2008 Girls Red 
Schaefer Mason U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
Schaefer Tristan U11>U11 2007 Boys White
Scherer Ford U10>U10 2008 Boys Gold
Schiavone Olivia U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Blue
Schindler Nicholas U12>U12 2006 Boys Red 
Schlegelmilch Dutch U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Red
Schonberg Hannah U12>U12 2006 Girls White
Schorr Aaron U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Blue
Schreiner Henrik U11>U11 2007 Boys Blue
Schuster Dillon U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
Schwartz Jack U11>U11 2007 Boys Blue
Schwartz Max U13>U13 2005 Boys White
Schwartz Sienna U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Blue
Scott Charles U12>U12 2006 Boys White
Scott Thomas U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys White
Selig Samantha U10>U10 2008 Girls Blue
Selig Zachary U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Red
Shackelford Dylan U10>U10 2008 Boys Gold
Shein Tobey U12>U12 2006 Boys White
Sherman Sadie U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Red
Siciliano Jenna U13>U13 2005 Girls Blue
Signorile Olivia U12>U12 2006 Girls Red
Sikorski Nicholas U12>U12 2006 Boys Blue
Siroka Preston U12>U12 2006 Boys Red 
Skatoff Arthur U13>U13 2005 Boys Blue
Sklar Ryder U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys White
Slater Lucas U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Smith Chloe U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Blue
Smith Clara U14>U14 2004 Girls Blue
Smith Hunter U13>U13 2005 Boys Blue
Smith Sophie U10>U10 2008 Girls Red 
Soni Annika U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls White
Spellacy Aidan U11>U11 2007 Boys Blue
Sprouls Aidan U13>U13 2005 Boys Blue
St. Andre Alex U13>U13 2005 Boys White
St. Andre Stella U11>U11 2007 Girls White
Stauder William U11>U11 2007 Boys Gold 
Stephan Liam U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Gold
Sternberg Nicole U13>U13 2005 Girls Blue
Stoler Isabella U14>U14 2004 Girls Blue
Stoler Jack U12>U12 2006 Boys White
Stollenwerck Walker U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Gold
Stretton Colin U11>U11 2007 Boys White
Stretton Kyle U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Stubbs Aidan U11>U11 2007 Boys Red
Sugerman Andrew U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Suko William U10>U10 2008 Boys White
Sunderland Jr Jason U11>U11 2007 Boys Gold 
Szostak Eli U11>U11 2007 Boys Gold 
Tait Chloe U10>U10 2008 Girls White
Talbott Addison U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Blue
Talbott Jackson U10>U10 2008 Boys Red
Tarrant Dereje U12>U12 2006 Boys White
Tarshis Ruby U13>U13 2005 Girls Blue
Tarsy Amelia U12>U12 2006 Girls Blue
Taubman Zachary U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Teplica Whitman U13>U13 2005 Boys White
Thomas Ryan U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
Tirola Cooper U13>U13 2005 Boys Blue
Tobias Mason U10>U10 2008 Boys Blue
Toeplitz Avery U10>U10 2008 Girls Red 
Tomoda Kira U12>U12 2006 Girls Blue
Tooker Nicole U10>U10 2008 Girls Blue
Tracey Jackson U11>U11 2007 Boys White
Triscari Maxwell U11>U11 2007 Boys Red
Trivino Gabriel U13>U13 2005 Boys Blue
Turner Robert U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys Blue
Vannart Samuel U15>U15 2003-2004 Boys White
Varsov Aaron U11>U11 2007 Boys Blue
Vishno Ellery U13>U13 2005 Girls Blue
vonDohlen Sarah U10>U10 2008 Girls Blue
Vynerib Oliver U10>U10 2008 Boys Gold
Waldman Jaden U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Blue
Wallitt Brooke U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Red
Walters Nolan U09>U09 2009-2010 Boys Red
Wasserman Isabelle U10>U10 2008 Girls Blue
Watkins Logan U11>U11 2007 Girls Blue
Weitz Kate U11>U11 2007 Girls White
Weitz Samantha U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls Red
Weyer David U12>U12 2006 Boys Red 
Williams Flora U12>U12 2006 Girls Red
Willis Samuel U13>U13 2005 Boys Blue
Wolff Alexa U09>U09 2009-2010 Girls White
Wolff Noah U12>U12 2006 Boys White
Wyatt Leina U12>U12 2006 Girls White
Yin Liam U13>U13 2005 Boys White
Zhu Ella U11>U11 2007 Girls Blue